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Our Values

At AltaGas Utilities, our Values guide us.  Our Core Values – Safety, Integrity, and Team, are strengthened and supported by the work ethic of our employees, demonstrated by:


  • Honest and ethical behaviour
  • Continuous improvement
  • Loyalty and teamwork
  • Respect and empathy for others
  • Worker and public safety
  • Reliability and sense of duty
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Agility and decisiveness
  • Accountability for actions and results
  • Financial responsibility           


Our Values

Guided by our Values, we will give:

  • Customers What They Want
  • Shareholders What They Deserve
  • Employees What They Need
  • Regulators What They Expect


In making these commitments, we believe:

  • Customers want safe, dependable natural gas delivery at just and reasonable rates; ease of access to service and information; prompt, courteous, high quality service; to see us act responsibly.
  • Shareholders deserve maximum value from ownership; stewardship of the resources entrusted to us; prompt, open, accurate communication on matters related to their investment in us.
  • Employees need a safe and respectful workplace; plain and open communication; empowerment reinforced with necessary leadership; fair compensation; just treatment; recognition; adequate resources; effective training; opportunity for personal development.
  • Regulators expect compliance with statutes and decisions; information that supports their decision processes; timely and accurate reporting on matters of interest to them.