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Retailer Rates

Retailers are billed under Distribution Rates No. 11, 12, 13 and 14.  Retailers are also billed for Rate Riders including Franchise Fees (Rate Rider A), Property Taxes (Rate Rider B), and Third Party Transportation (Rate Rider G).  Other Rate Riders may also be applicable.


Retailer Distribution Service Rates

Rate No. 11 – Small General Service for Retailer

Rate No. 12 – Large General Service (Optional) for Retailer

Rate No. 13 – Demand General Service (Optional) for Retailer

Rate No. 14 – Irrigation Pumping Service (Optional) for Retailer


Rate Riders A, B and G

View Rates and Rate Riders.


Rate Rider H

Retailers are responsible for the inclusion of the approved Rate Rider H – Unaccounted-for Gas - Gas Settlement when nominating gas for their customers.  Rate Rider H is applied as a percentage of nominations. See Changes to Regulated Services.

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