2017 Interim Rates

In Decision 21987-D01-2016, The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approved 2017 Interim Rates for all distribution service customers effective January 1, 2017. The interim rate change is consistent with the AUC's Performance Based Regulation and allows AUI to recover the costs of providing safe, reliable gas distribution service, including necessary infrastructure replacements. For an average residence using 114 GJ annually, the rate change equates to an increase of approximately $24 per year.

Last updated 2017/01/01

Carbon Levy Information

Beginning January 1, 2017, your monthly natural gas bill will include the carbon levy. The levy is calculated on all fuels that emit greenhouse gases when combusted, including natural gas. For more information on the carbon levy and details on exemptions and rebate eligibility, please visit or call 310-0000.

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Last updated 2016/12/22

AltaGas Utilities is now offering an eBill service

Click here to find out more information on paperless billing.

Last updated 2016/12/13

Fraud Reminder


  1. Should you need to discuss or make payment on your account, please do so through our Customer Care Centre and/or your financial institution. Our service technicians are not authorized to request or receive payment of outstanding account balances.
  2. AUI has received reports of individuals claiming to be utility employees and requesting admittance to customers' homes to inspect furnaces, vents, etc. Please note, except in an emergency or for some appointments, utility personnel should not require access inside your home. If in doubt, AUI recommends you request at least two pieces of identification (including company issued ID) before allowing entry to your home.
  3. If you receive any telephone communication requesting payment or personal information and are unsure whether the call is genuine, please end the call and contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-866-222-2067.
Last updated 2016/11/17

Canada’s Natural Gas Utilities Proposed Target for Renewable Natural Gas

On May 25, 2016, the Canadian Gas Association announced a national renewable natural gas (RNG) target has been set.  This means by 2025 natural gas utilities have set a target of 5% RNG-blended natural gas in the pipeline distribution system and 10% by 2030.  Consequently, RNG-blended natural gas would result in a reduction of 14 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year by 2030.

RNG, a 100% renewable energy source, is natural gas produced from organic waste from farms, forests, landfills and water treatment plants.  This gas is captured, cleaned and blended into natural gas distribution pipelines without any changes to the distribution systems or household appliances. 

For more information on the target and RNGs, check out the news release from the Canadian Gas Association. 

Last updated 2016/05/26

AltaGas Utilities Inc. (AUI) has changed the way we read our gas meters

AltaGas Utilities Inc. (AUI) is pleased to announce the completion of a nine-month initiative to improve the way we read our gas meters. As of April 1st, 2016, AUI is reading its meters remotely and no longer needs to enter your property to manually read the meter. However, access to the meter is still required for routine maintenance or in the case of an emergency. Please do not build or place anything that may hinder access to the meter.

Automated remote meter reading improves the quality of data obtained and significantly decreases the hazards our staff face in the field. As an AUI customer, you’ll be happy to know AUI completed this endeavor on time and within budget! We are proud to be your natural gas service provider and will always strive to find new and innovative ways to provide safe, reliable service.

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Last updated 2016/04/18