Landlords & Property Owners

Protect Your Rental Property

ARE YOU READY? Your rented buildings or houses may become vacant without your knowledge. Be sure to take the action necessary to prevent cold weather damage to your valuable property.

AltaGas Utilities will automatically bill land owners for any gaps in billing when a property is vacated. To discontinue service to a property, please contact General and Billing Inquiries at 1-866-222-2067 to make that request.

Signing the Landlord Agreement will enable us to waive the account activation fee each time the account is set up in exchange for updated owner information.

Landlord Agreement Click to Download Form

Safety Tips:

  • Check rental properties throughout the heating season to ensure the building is properly heated
  • Have natural gas appliances serviced annually by a qualified gas fitter to ensure they will work reliably through cold weather
Last updated 2017/03/27