General Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I set up a new account with AltaGas Utilities Inc.?
A Please call our Customer Care Center at 1-866-222-2067 to open a new account. You will need your new address (or meter number). Please allow approximately 10-15 minutes to complete this process.

Q How do I reach you in case of emergency? (I smell gas, a gas line has been damaged, etc.)
A In case of emergency, call 1-866-222-2068 (24 hrs)

Q Are the local offices open to the public?
A AltaGas Utilities’ District Offices are not open to the public. Our Customer Care Center can be reached toll free at 1-866-222-2067 Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm, via email at or by fax 1-866-980-6866.

Q Can I pay my bills through the AltaGas Utilities website?
A At this time, payments cannot be made through our website. Please refer to Ways to Pay your Bill | AltaGas Utilities

A You can view your bill online through AltaGas Utilities’ eBill service. Subscribers to eBill will be able to access statements from November 2016 and onwards. Going forward, up to 18 months of statements will be available for customers to view and print. For more information on eBill, please click here.

Q Does AltaGas Utilities take credit card payments?
A Credit card payments are not accepted as a regular form of payment.

Q Where is AltaGas Utilities’ service territory?

Q How do I add a third party to my account?
A AltaGas Utilities is committed to protecting your privacy as a customer. If you would like to add a third party to your account, we require a signed “Account Access Authorization Form.” Once our Customer Care Center receives the completed document, your account will be updated.

Q How do I set up a pre-authorized payment plan? Can it be set up to automatically be billed to my credit card?
A AltaGas Utilities has an automatic payment (Auto Pay) plan that can easily be set up on your account. This can only be set up through a bank account. Credit cards are not accepted. To sign up, email or fax a copy/scan of a void cheque or a preauthorized debit form (obtainable from your bank) to or by fax at 1-866-980-6866.

Q Will I still receive a copy of my bill if I am set up for automatic payments?
A Yes, you will still receive your monthly bill, either through the mail or via eBill, advising you of the amount due and the date the payment will be withdrawn.

Q Can I choose the date my payments are withdrawn?
A Your billing cycle and due date depends on the area you live in. The due date is 21 days after the statement date.

Q Do you have an equalized budget plan? How does it work?
A Yes, AltaGas Utilities has a Budget Payment Plan. Our budget year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Please refer to Budget Payment Plan | AltaGas Utilities

Q Can I access my bills online?
A eBill is a service offered by AltaGas Utilities. Subscribers to eBill are able to access statements from November 2016 onwards. Going forward, up to 18 months of statements will be available for customers to view and print.

Q When does AltaGas Utilities read the gas meter?
A AltaGas ordinarily reads meters monthly. The day of the month meter reading is done depends upon the area of our service territory you live in.

Q I am ready to have a gas meter installed at my property, what do I do now? What are the requirements?
A Once your site is ready, email the following information to

**Please note a service order to install your meter will not be generated until both pieces of information are received**

Q How do I light my furnace, hot water tank or other gas appliances?
A If AltaGas Utilities restored gas to your site, a notice is left on your door (or in your mail box) advising how to light your appliances. Some newer appliances are self-igniting, though this is not always the case. Each appliance should have light instructions on it or in their manuals. If there is an issue with the appliance itself, you may need to contact a gas fitter or plumber. For more information, please contact AUI’s Customer Care Center at 1-866-222-2067.

Q Will AltaGas Utilities come out and inspect or provide maintenance for my furnace/hot water tank/gas appliances?
A AltaGas Utilities does not inspect or repair gas appliances. Please contact a third party plumbing or heating company in your area.

Q Will AltaGas put a line in from my house to my barbeque?
A AltaGas Utilities is responsible for the service from the gas main to the meter. Any work after the meter, including connections to auxiliary buildings or appliances (e.g. barbeques) must be arranged for, and paid by you through a certified gas fitter.

Last updated 2017/08/10