Making a Request for the Meter

Information You Need Before Making a Meter Request

After our construction work is complete and your site is ready for natural gas, you or your gas fitter must make a request for the gas meter. You will be asked to provide the following:

Permit number: You or your gas fitter must provide us with proof of a valid gas installation permit for the work performed at your site.

Service Completion Notification Form:

  • BTU load: Correctly sizing the meter is important. You need to tell us if your natural gas requirements have changed since you made your original application for service;
  • Gas fitter information: We require your gas fitter’s name, telephone number and any other relevant contact information; and
  • Proof of Pressure Test Completion: Prior to installing the gas meter, the gas piping at your service site must pass a pressure test. You and your gas fitter are responsible for the pressure test, as per the Service Completion Notification Form.

Service Completion Notification Form and a copy of your gas permit must be received by AltaGas Utilities Inc. via email at before the meter can be installed.

The Service Completion Notification Form can be found in our Forms section.

If you have further questions contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-866-222-2067.


Last updated 2017/08/10