Canada’s Natural Gas Utilities Proposed Target for Renewable Natural Gas

On May 25, 2016, the Canadian Gas Association announced a national renewable natural gas (RNG) target has been set.  This means by 2025 natural gas utilities have set a target of 5% RNG-blended natural gas in the pipeline distribution system and 10% by 2030.  Consequently, RNG-blended natural gas would result in a reduction of 14 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year by 2030.

RNG, a 100% renewable energy source, is natural gas produced from organic waste from farms, forests, landfills and water treatment plants.  This gas is captured, cleaned and blended into natural gas distribution pipelines without any changes to the distribution systems or household appliances. 

For more information on the target and RNGs, check out the news release from the Canadian Gas Association. 

Last updated 2016/05/26