Business Development

AltaGas Utilities is committed to developing sound business relationships with our customers, regardless of natural gas load or location. In addition to natural gas service provided to town, urban and rural customers within our existing franchise areas we also provide the following:

  • Natural gas service for customers with annual load requirements of over 10,000 GJ, anywhere in the province,
  • Natural gas service for commercial and light industrial customers with annual natural gas loads of less than 10,000 GJ exclusively within our existing franchise areas, and
  • Natural gas service to Alberta communities by:
    • Providing an alternative to those communities who have existing natural gas service, and
    • Providing natural gas service proposals to communities who do not currently have natural gas service.

To ensure your best natural gas service options we encourage you to include us in your natural gas service tender process. We welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for your natural gas requirements and will work with you to determine your best alternatives.

For your natural gas service needs contact:

Mark Filteau
Phone: (780) 980-6772

Irv Richelhoff
Phone: (780) 980-7305


Last updated 2013/10/31